HammondCare partners with Topaz for better outcomes for people living with dementia

HammondCare and Netherlands-based aged and Huntington care leader, Topaz, have announced a strategic partnership to improve quality-of-life for people in need.

Stronger Together slogan is displayed on top of overlapped images of elderly people who have dementia, announcing HammondCare and Topaz's partnershipOne of Australia’s most innovative health and aged care providers, HammondCare, and Netherlands-based aged and Huntington care leader, Topaz, have announced a strategic partnership to improve quality of life for people in need.

The partnership will be launched with an online session involving thought leaders from both organisations to be available on each other’s websites on World Alzheimer’s Day, Tuesday 21 September.

HammondCare and Topaz will share knowledge in areas like complex dementia and behaviours, Huntington’s disease, dementia design and professional development and there will be communities of practise, research collaboration and traineeship opportunities between the two organisations.

HammondCare Chief Executive Mike Baird and Topaz Chief Executive Lia de Jongh, along with Professor Wilco Achterberg, Leiden University Professor of Institutional Care & Elderly Care Medicine, have announced the strategic partnership, Stronger Together: Dementia Knowledge Exchange.

Mr Baird said the partnership would allow each organisation to learn from the other’s strengths with collaborative research and knowledge exchange. “This partnership will extend knowledge and capability in each organisation and align with HammondCare and our Mission to improve quality of life for people in need."

Ms de Jongh said Topaz is keen to learn from HammondCare’s expertise in cottage model design as well as its approach to care for people living with dementia in their own home. “Topaz is looking forward to working with HammondCare. This partnership will benefit both of us."

The webinar discussion will feature Ms de Jongh and Professor Achterberg, along with Associate Professor Colm Cunningham, Director of The Dementia Centre, HammondCare; and Professor Susan Kurrle, University of Sydney Curran Chair of Health in Older People.

Hosted by HammondCare Head of Dementia Centre Services Marie Alford, the webinar will cover topics such Topaz’s radical approach to the care, including appointing an 'in-house mother' to oversee a home-like atmosphere and HammondCare’s unique relationship centred model of care.

Also discussed are the advantages of elder care physicians and Topaz’s learnings from COVID-19 visitor restrictions on aged care residents living with dementia.

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Watch the HammondCare and Topaz Partnership webinar