HammondCare offers lifeline to those waiting for home care packages

HammondCare has leapt to the assistance of people feeling frustrated by delays in starting their home care packages - despite being eligible - by offering a special Early Commencement Offer.

General Manager of HammondCare At Home, David Martin, said the organisation had decided to come to the assistance of many older people who were uncertain about how long they might be waiting in the queue for a Home Care Package so they could begin accessing much needed home care immediately.

“If someone is eligible for home care following their assessment by the Aged Care Assessment bodies, but they are still waiting for their funding approval to come through, they can start with HammondCare At Home today,” he said.

“From this week we will be offering Home Care Packages so they can get the care they need to stay at home and we will cover the funding shortfall until the client’s final approval comes through,” he said.

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HammondCare is advertising its Early Commencement Offer across NSW, Queensland and Victoria in locations where HammondCare At Home is available.

Mr Martin said the offer was being made in response to numerous requests for HammondCare at Home services by eligible clients who were often desperate to get started to avoid carer burnout or stress or to avoid premature or unwanted admission to residential aged care.

“While providers like HammondCare have been supportive of the changes to a market where there are more choice and competition, we could no longer stand by and watch people deteriorate because of delays in receiving the care people urgently need, especially those with high care needs, including dementia.

“HammondCare will always take a risk to help those at risk, and our Early Commencement Offer is in line with this approach.”

For more information on HammondCare's home care services visit: www.hammondcareathome.com.au

For media inquiries, or to organise an interview with David Martin, please contact Hammond Care Public Affairs on 1300 441203 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.