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9 November 2020

The HammondCare At Home community care worker behind a remarkable story featured in the final submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission, explained that walking 6km to care for a dying client “is just what we do”.

26 April 2018

New investment in overnight, small cottage style respite would support older people to stay at home longer and avoid premature entry into residential care, according to a submission to the Aged Care Financing Authority (ACFA) review, by leading aged care provider, HammondCare.

28 June 2017

Melbourne residents caring for an elderly family member living with dementia are now able to access a newly established in-home respite service that will give them a much needed break.

16 June 2017

HammondCare has leapt to the assistance of people feeling frustrated by delays in starting their home care packages - despite being eligible - by offering a special Early Commencement Offer.

6 June 2017

HammondCare At Home will open new offices in Coffs Harbour in response to the region’s demand for specialised in-home care for people living with dementia.

11 April 2017

HammondCare will open its first office in Brisbane in response to demand for specialised at-home-care for people living with dementia.