New Caulfield kitchen set to improve quality of life

HammondCare Caulfield’s new kitchen will have a positive impact on the quality of life for the residents according to the Operations Manager, Kylie Thomas.

“At HammondCare, our mission is to improve quality of life for those in need. The installation of this new kitchen and accompanying facilities, helps us do that,” said Ms Thomas.

“It is our hope that with improved nutrition, we will see an improvement in overall health of residents.”

The new $750,000 kitchen caters for 120 residents across the HammondCare Caulfield site.

caulfield kitchen thumb

While maintaining high standards of freshness and flavour, Head Chef, Marcus Gildon, has put an emphasis on celebrating the culturally diverse residents of HammondCare Caulfield; which includes Italian, Greek, Polish and Russian residents.

“The objective of the kitchen is to tend to the needs and personal tastes of the residents. This has a big impact on their mood, even for those who were previously disinterested in mealtime,” said Marcus.

“The food we cook has become something for all residents to look forward to.”

A heart-warming show of gratitude

From Head Chef, Marcus Gildon.

He generally keeps to himself only leaving his room for short walks. He ate all his meals in his room and quite often, was not happy with what he got.

Today I saw a different side to him. He ate all his main meal, in his room with no complaints. He then came out and was standing in the dining room.

When I asked him what he was after, his response was not what I expected.

He was overwhelmed, with joy, with the changes to the kitchen. He had tears in his eyes as he was telling me how happy the food had made him. We then offered him to stay for his desert.

He did pause, as it was not routine, but he ended up staying and he even stayed quite a while after he had ate. I was watching him as he sat there in the dining room with a big smile on his face.

When I asked him if he would come out more often, he said he can't promise anything - but would really consider it.