HammondCare welcomes growing emphasis on aged care food

HammondCare's support for a fabulous food culture in aged care received a major boost today with the announcement by Maggie Beer of her new aged care food foundation.

HammondCare's strategy for a fabulous food culture in aged care received a major boost today with the announcement by Maggie Beer of her new aged care food foundation. 

In welcoming today's announcement in Adelaide, CE Dr Stephen Judd acknowledged the key contribution Maggie had already made in highlighting the need for an improved approach to food service in aged care, including through her involvement in the appointment of HammondCare's executive chef and food ambassador, Peter Morgan-Jones.

After addressing aged care CEOs in 2010 about her belief that every person deserves a good food life, Maggie consulted with Dr Judd and others about how best to bring about change, something HammondCare is also passionate about.

One result was the appointment of Peter Morgan-Jones who brings a wealth of restaurant experience to his work in HammondCare's own dementia and aged care homes and, importantly, across the sector through conference presentations, training events and in his new book to be launched by Maggie Beer on June 26.

New foundation, network of passionate people

Maggie announced the 'Maggie Beer Foundation: A good food life for all' at Tasting Australia immediately following Peter Morgan-Jones packed main stage session, 'When I'm 65 - Aged care kitchen technology' during which he demonstrated recipes and techniques developed at HammondCare and featuring in his new book.

Peter, as Maggie describes, has assisted the development of the foundation by being part of the 'network of passionate people in all the allied fields of aged care' who have helped bring 'great knowledge and experience to this incredibly complex area.'

Through the foundation, Maggie Beer will initially partner with three South Australian aged care homes to improve the approach to food culture and delivery, a change she hopes will spread across the nation. She will also collaborate with Flinders University to ensure a solid research base for her work.

'Can I make aged care sexy? I plan too!' Maggie told the enthusiastic audience at Tasting Australia.

Maggie said that 'with the help of Country Health SA Local Health Network, her aim is to work from the ground up to bring about change with facilities open to always doing better. The starting point with these few facilities is to find the most immediate ways we can bring about change and share it with all those interested Australia-wide.'

For more information about the foundation, click here.