Dementia food breakthrough demonstrated at Tasting Australia

HammondCare’s aged care executive chef and author Peter Morgan-Jones will demonstrate breakthrough food ideas for people with dementia as part of Tasting Australia’s Creating an Appetite for Life Adelaide town square event hosted by the Maggie Beer Foundation tomorrow (May 4).

The event is unique on the busy Tasting Australia program in shining a light on aged care food and nutrition and is expected to be a hugely popular day, following on from the successful Tasting Australia aged care sessions in 2014.

Peter will join Maggie Beer, Simon Bryant and other experts for the ‘Creating an appetite for life’ panel discussion at 11.15am. A lively discussion with questions from an engaged audience can be expected.

It's all about the food

This is followed by an intergenerational choir and cooking demonstration featuring Maggie Beer before Peter takes to the stage again to present ‘It’s all about the food, not the fork’ at 2.30pm.

During this interactive session he will demonstrate new recipes and techniques that bring beautiful and varied food to people with dementia and other conditions who can no longer comfortably use cutlery or who have swallowing difficulties. It will also be the first public announcement of the title and theme of his new cookbook, a sequel to the bestselling Don’t give me eggs that bounce, which will be launched by Maggie Beer in Sydney on June 17.

Peter will be joined in this session by 2014 Tasting Australia ‘Every Dollar Counts’ winner Katie Otto, who will also demonstrate appropriate dishes for people with dementia.

How dementia impacts taste, appetite

A feature of the session will be the premiere of a short documentary showing Peter visiting and cooking with world-renown food writer and cook, Paula Wolfert, in Sonoma, California, earlier this year where they discussed the impact of dementia on taste, appetite and food preparation. Paula now lives with dementia.

Peter will also visit Dymock’s pop up book store in the Adelaide town square to sign copies of Don’t give me eggs that bounce.

For more information about Tasting Australia’s ‘Creating and appetite for life’ event visit the Tasting Australia website. For background on Peter Morgan-Jones (former Royal chef) visit our food culture page. For more about the new cookbook visit

Peter's new cookbook (details to be announced later this week) will be launched by Maggie Beer at the Grand Designs international dementia conference at the Sydney Hilton, June 17. He will also present a food session on that day with an extended version of the Paula Wolfert documentary and involvement from Maggie Beer.