Aged care providers prioritise good food at Parliament House event

Aged & Community Services Australia said many aged care providers are continuously improving on their delivery of quality, tasty food contrary to misinformed media reports this week of substandard food practices.

Aged & Community Services Australia has praised many aged care providers, including HammondCare, for continuously improving on their delivery of quality, tasty food contrary to misinformed media reports this week of substandard food practices. 

“Food in aged care has been badly mischaracterised by the media and has overlooked the fact there are many talented chefs working in our industry taking pride in the food they prepare every day,” said ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow.  

“Efforts by the likes of aged care provider HammondCare with their focus on continually improving the quality of their food service, raise the bar for the industry as a whole,” she said.

Peter Morgan-Jones, Executive Chef at HammondCare, prepares a dish for it's All about the food not the fork. 

“HammondCare’s approach to food service is unique and their practice of offering meals cooked in small, home-like kitchens and involving residents in meal prep, are examples of some of the positive changes leading the industry forward.”

HammondCare Chief Executive, Dr. Stephen Judd, said many older Australians in residential care want to exercise more control over their food choices, and small homelike kitchens and fresh food are ways in which the organisation listens to those preferences.

“HammondCare’s culture of food excellence is about continuously improving our menus and food offering and respecting the role food has in health, quality of life and human dignity,” he said.

Ms. Sparrow also welcomed the first meeting of the Parliamentary Friends of Ageing and Aged Care Group in Canberra today with its forward-looking discussion on the importance of eating well at any age.

Maggie Beer with Julie Colline MP and Senator Dean Smith, co-chairs of the Parliamenary Friends of Ageing and Aged Care Group.

The Friends event “Loving Food at Any Age” featured renowned chef Maggie Beer–a passionate advocate of the importance of food excellence in aged care – to talk about her work engaging chefs and cooks in aged care to cook flavoursome food using fresh, healthy ingredients.

Ms. Sparrow said the event helped to highlight the huge role food plays in the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of older Australians:

“People love to eat well at any age and that need doesn’t change when someone moves into residential care,” said Ms. Sparrow.  “Aged & Community Services Australia is pleased to be a part of this engagement with food leaders to give food standards in aged care the prominence they deserve.” 

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