Festive lights and carols at Hammondville create a special 2020 Christmas

Hammondville aged care residents and their families are celebrating Christmas like never before this year amid kilometres of glowing bulbs and decorations to end a year of Covid-19 restrictions and health concerns.

The garden pathway area between Harding and Bond Houses becomes a twinkling wonderland at dusk with a light display created by HammondCare Senior Maintenance Manager Ravi Chand with the involvement of staff and residents.

HammondCare Chief Executive Mike Baird said a huge effort is underway across all HammondCare residential care services to ensure a special 2020 Christmas for both residents and their families after a difficult year.

“Usually at Christmas residents might go on bus trips or family drives to enjoy the Christmas lights around Sydney, but in the present circumstances some of the residents are still anxious about venturing out,” Mr Baird said.

“So HammondCare made the decision to bring Christmas lights to the residents and their families.

“After what has been a difficult time for everyone in aged care, we want to make sure that this Christmas is one where all our residents and loved ones can relax and enjoy the festive season.”

Mr Chand said the festive lights and other lit decorations at Hammondville are all solar powered with a focus on brightening up fences and gardens.

“Residents and their families can wander along together to see the lights and enjoy the Christmas feel,” Mr Chand said.

He said a priority with the decorations was ensuring as many residents as possible can enjoy them from their rooms.


Resident of HammondVille aged care home looking at Christmas decorations with staff members

Pictured: HammondCare staff member Adriana Samasoni; Bond House residents Mary and Benedict Konar; Shreya Chand; HammondCare Senior Maintenance Manager Ravi Chand


At Bond House, residents and staff will hold their own carols service on December 16 before heading out into the gardens.

The decision to dial up the festive feel followed a survey of resident representatives where there was strong feedback that HammondCare should make an extra effort to decorate its services this year.

The HammondCare Foundation provided each HammondCare site with funds to purchase the lights and decorations with the expectation they will be packed away and re-used at Christmas time in future years.

To add extra incentive to the Christmas decorations, all HammondCare’s residential care services will be judged to determine which site displayed the best creativity with designs.

Elsewhere at Hammondville, Pines and Meadows Maintenance Manager Maurice Costa has focused on decorating the Norfolk and Briar cottages to take advantage of their prominent sites.

“As well as the lights on the exterior, care staff have invested their own time and effort in making sure the interiors of the cottages have a great feel too with Christmas trees, reindeers and other decorations,” Mr Costa said.