CEO Mike Baird in awe of aged care workers

HammondCare CEO Mike Baird said today he is in awe of the work done every day by Australian aged care workers as they provide care for the nation’s elderly.

Mr Baird said truly valuing and honouring older people in our community was the first step to a collaborative approach to real wage improvement in the sector.

“I’ve had the privilege in recent times to see personally the incredible work our care workers do and our elderly are in the best of hands,” Mr Baird said.

“I don’t hear anyone from government to unions to providers to consumers disagreeing that improved care worker remuneration and wage parity is needed urgently.

“Approaching the end of more than two-years of a highly considered Aged Care Royal Commission, we now have in our hands a once in a generation opportunity to make this and many other significant reforms.

“HammondCare is committed to continuing to work with this process alongside all stakeholders who are dedicated to improving aged care and tackling significant reform, including wages.”

Mr Baird’s comments come on the final day for responses to Senior Counsel’s draft recommendations which are expected to form the basis of the Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report, due in three months.