Wide-ranging discussion of dementia involving leading experts: Sky News

HammondCare Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd  joined a range of other leading dementia experts in an hour-long live forum on the influential The Nation program with David Speers, Sky News.

Other panel members were President of Alzheimer's Australia, Ita Buttrose; Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health (UNSW), Prof Henry Brodaty; and Chair of the Consumer Dementia Research Network, Ron Sinclair.

Questions such as 'what is dementia?' 'how is it diagnosed?' and 'how do we care for people with dementia?' were discussed alongside panel members sharing their own families' experiences of dementia.

Dr Judd particularly addressed the citizenship of people with dementia and the need for dignity, choice and freedoms as well the pressures on and need for provision of quality care.

Watch the forum unfold (below) in three sections of about 15- 20 minutes each and benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of some of Australia's leading dementia advocates and experts.