'What an honour and privilege it is to share their journey' - DBMAS

When behaviours impact the care and quality of life for people living with dementia, Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services (DBMAS) are there to help.

'I had no one else to talk to. I had no one else to depend on.'

The HammondCare DBMAS program provides a state-wide service across NSW and is accessible through the national DBMAS number 1800 699 799.

The NSW DBMAS program supports staff and carers, including family carers in the community, residential, and primary care settings with assessment, advice, short and medium term support and interventions, as well as tele-health consultancy.

'What an honour and a privilege it is to share their journey.'

Hundreds of people in city and rural areas have benefited from the DBMAS program and in this video, Leigh Hatcher of HammondCare Public Affairs reports on two of these stories.

'One day at a time... And with Catherine, I'll be able to cope.'