The HammondCare Foundation launched

The Board of HammondCare has announced the creation of The HammondCare Foundation to identify and support new ways to provide health and aged care to Australians in need. It was launched at the HammondCare annual dinner in early November.

“The Foundation is both timely and inspiring – it will lead innovation across the health and aged care sectors to cater for the future needs of older Australians,” said John Kightley, Chair of The HammondCare Foundation. Mr Kightley said 2011 marked a turning point in the provision of health and aged care.

“This year, the Productivity Commission found the current approach is not sustainable particularly with the retirement of the first of the babyboomers which signals an unprecedented demand for services over the coming decades. Coupled with this we have the general trends of Australians living longer, the increasing incidence of age-related disease and disability, and the growth in single person households with no possibility of family carers.

“This is a nationwide challenge, but also a great opportunity for a Christian charity such as HammondCare which has a history of helping those in need in times of great social change.”


The HammondCare Foundation seeks financial support to fund projects which will drive the future – this might include:

  • Research.
  • Trials of new models of care, clinical approaches and services.
  • Resources such as capital works and technology to enhance outcomes for people in need. 
    The Foundation will harness the experience, expertise and scope of HammondCare as one of Australia’s leading providers in the areas of Dementia Care, Palliative Care and Restorative Care. “As we rethink and rebuild over the coming decade we are looking for partners who will work with us to provide for the future needs and improve outcomes for older Australians,” said Mr Kightley.