Thanks to 'good sports' for dementia carer support

HammondCare has said a big thank you to the good sports at the Moorebank Sports Club for their generous donation of $10,000 towards Hammondville’s ‘Building Friendship and Support in Difficult Times; Carers Support Group Outings’.

Cheryl Atkins, Hammondville’s senior pastoral care coordinator presented a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ to Ann Smith, the marketing manager of the Moorebank Sports Club. It turned out to be a moving occasion, as numbers of the carers expressed their deep gratitude to the club for its generosity.

Precious time away

During the past six months, it’s meant a range of wonderful outings for the group of about 20 carers including included a two-day trip to Canberra featuring a visit to the National Gallery, a lunch on top of the Centrepoint Tower in the revolving restaurant, and a High Tea at Lillianfels in the Blue Mountains.

Cheryl said they had been fantastic outings, enabling some precious time away, together with lots of laughs.

 The “Building Friendship and Support in Difficult Times; Carers Support Group Outings” group operates at Hammondville for people who have been looking after loved ones with dementia.

Caring can be harrowing

Leading the expressions of thanks, carer Judith explained how the experience of being a carer could be very harrowing: “There’s no let up and no life so this has been a very special time, something we had never imagined in our wildest dreams could ever happen.”

Boris, another carer said: “I felt like a hermit at home, but it brought me out of my shell and it helped me a lot.”

Dorothy added her great appreciation: “You don’t feel so isolated because of this group. We’ve cried a lot together – we’ve laughed a lot. On these outings we definitely laughed a lot!”

Ann Smith was clearly moved by the impact of it all on this group of carers.

“It’s truly touching to be able to share this with you. As a carer you often feel all at sea but this whole experience has clearly been rejuvenating.

Those of us who were there for this simple morning tea will never forget the impact of the Moorebank Sports club’s gift and the many expressions of heart-felt gratitude.