Six point plan for better dementia care by 2020

HammondCare Chief Executive, Dr Stephen Judd, today outlined a six point plan to ensure good dementia care is delivered across the Australian aged care system by 2020.

Speaking at the COTA ‘Strengthening Dementia Services’ conference in Melbourne today, Dr Judd said dementia was now considered core business of aged care, although not every provider or service would or should have dementia as their main focus – if they had other specialties.

“Dementia remains key in aged care. More than 50 per cent of permanent residents in aged care homes have a formal diagnosis of dementia, and up to a quarter of people who have Home Care Packages are living with dementia,” Dr Judd said.

The six point plan includes:

  • Having better data about the current and future incidence of dementia in Australia
  • Sustained ongoing prevention campaigns
  • A better understanding of dementia in all aged care services
  • More dementia-specific residential services
  • Nationally consistent expert advisory and support services
  • Special care units for people who need dedicated and intensive support.

Dr Judd said a national network of special care units was key and people using such a service would be able to transition into a less intensive dementia-specific care environment after one year.

“The Federal Government committed to developing a network of special care units throughout the country in the recent election campaign and this must continue to be a priority. “We are light years ahead of where we were 20 years ago in providing dementia care in Australia. But we must continue to enhance and improve the system to provide a world class service,” Dr Judd said.