Non-profit publisher announces top books for 2014

HammondCare's non-profit publishing and resources arm, HammondCare Media, has announced its top selling books for 2014 covering dementia care, palliative care, pain management and leadership.

HammondCare's non-profit publishing and resources arm, HammondCare Media, has announced its top selling books for 2014 covering dementia care, palliative care, pain management and leadership. 

Publishing Manager, Peter Hallett, said that as a non-profit health and aged care publisher, the most important thing about HammondCare Media’s book sales, is that each one improves quality of life for people in need.

"Which is why 2014 was such a great year with not only record sales, but the release of three new books - each one dedicated to making a practical difference in the lives of readers," Mr Hallett said.

"We’ve tallied the figures to discover our six most popular books for the past year and not surprisingly, they provide a good cross section of the issues we are most passionate about."

The top books for 2014 are:

1.Don’t give me eggs that bounce: 118 cracking recipes for people with Alzheimer’s

The bestseller for 2014 was launched by Maggie Beer on June 26 in Sydney and was an immediate hit with massive media, bookseller and reader interest. Many aged and dementia care providers have bought the book as they seek to offer better food. At the same time, hundreds of carers for people living with dementia now have Don’t give me eggs that bounce alongside their favourite Jamie Oliver or Stephanie Alexander title.

HammondCare executive chef Peter Morgan-Jones wrote the book with dietitian Emily Colombage, dementia consultant Danielle McIntosh and speech pathologist Prudence Ellis. Few organisations could muster this range of skills for a book like this and more importantly, Peter is a regular in the kitchens of HammondCare's dementia cottages, sharing his recipes and love of fresh food with residents and staff.

"They love him, we all love his food and no wonder he is widely regarded as Australia’s leading aged care chef," Peter Hallett said.

2.Night Time Care: A practice guide

With its companion, Providing Good Care at Night, this book addresses a major issue for anyone caring for older people and those with dementia. Most aged and dementia care resources focus on what happens during the day but care at night can be crucial to overall wellbeing for the frail older person, the person living with dementia, carers and care workers.

Authors Diana Kerr and Dementia Centre director A/Prof Colm Cunningham have decades of experience in the provision of care, training and research.

"It is no wonder that many readers are turning to these books out of their heartfelt desire to see their loved ones or clients well supported – night and day."

3.The Palliative Care Handbook

"As well, we published it as an ebook and so now health professionals, patients and families around the world are benefitting from the deft medical, social, emotional and spiritual insights it contains as well as the comprehensive drug information."Palliative care has moved further into the spotlight in the past 12 months not only for the support it provides people with a life-limiting illness, but also because of the holistic approach it embraces. For many years, Professor Rod MacLeod has been a leading palliative care specialist, researcher and advocate and also a co-author of The Palliative Care Handbook. After six previous editions in New Zealand, HammondCare Media published the first Australian edition in January 2014 which has been extremely popular.

4.Intervene: Pain care for older people and people with dementia

One in five older people living with dementia also experience undiagnosed pain which they are often unable to tell anyone about. As their mood and behaviour is affected, this is often attributed to other causes when simple pain relief could make all the difference.

Intervene is a practice guide designed to help aged care staff be better informed of the pain needs of older people and people with dementia and of strategies and approach to support these needs.

"We are committed to bringing systemic change to the approach to pain management in dementia care, not only through this book but more broadly, through HammondCare's Intervene research project."

5. The Pain Book: Finding hope when it hurts

Simple steps such as graded exercise, meditation, and reaffirming spiritual meaning have time and again helped people reclaim control of their lives from pain.Continuing the theme of pain, The Pain Book is a popular resource that has come out of HammondCare’s Pain Service at Greenwich Hospital. It guides people in accessing the ‘medicine cabinet in our brains’ by providing strategies that help people with chronic pain to have full and positive lives.

"This year, The Pain Book was joined by a second book in the series, The Spinal Cord Injury Pain Book which addresses the variety of pain issues faced by people with spinal cord injury. It was a privilege to have Paralympic gold medallist Liesl Tesch launch the book in November."

6. Driven by Purpose: charities that make the difference

Driven by Purpose explains in practical terms why purpose is vital and how to ensure it flows through every aspect of running a 21st century charity.Driven by purpose begins with the bold declaration that 'Charities are in crisis'. HamnmondCare Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd and co-authors Anne Robinson and Felicity Errington hihglight the crisis of purpose faxced by many charities as they negotiate changing policy and funding landscapes as well shifts in public perception.

"It’s fitting that the final title in our list of top books for 2014 is about how to be a charity guided and enlivened by purpose. None of our books would be possible without the support of HammondCare, an independent Christian charity. At the same time, all of our books are guided by the overall purpose of HammondCare which is to improve quality of life for people in need," Publishing Manager Peter Hallett said.

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