New idea for New Year's resolutions

It’s time for a fresh approach to New Year’s resolutions where the emphasis is on “giving back” rather than “giving up”, according to Barry Costello, Head of Volunteers at HammondCare.

“We have all made New Year’s resolutions to give up something like chocolate, junk food, or even reality TV,” Barry said.HammondCare is a leading provider of health and aged care and has many great volunteer opportunities for 2015.

“This year why not try something different. Instead of giving up something, why not try giving and make a resolution to be the difference in someone’s life.”

Make a life by what we give

Barry says he is inspired by the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” And a new year is a great time to give this idea a try.

“I believe volunteers are vital to the successful functioning of our communities. Volunteers fill the gaps and make a difference, they are like the glue that holds our societies together.

“There are so many volunteers out there doing so many different activities that are crucial to our community from fire fighting, caring for injured animals, fundraising for charities, helping with the education of our children through to providing social engagement for older people.

“In my role as Head of Volunteers, I get to see first-hand the positive effect volunteers have in the community,” Barry said. “Which is why I am passionate about encouraging people to get involved.”

Purpose, hope, satisfaction and fun!

“You'll find it both deeply satisfying and a great personal adventure. What's more, we take volunteering seriously and endeavour to provide meaningful experiences during your time with us,” Barry said.Volunteering with HammondCare - either through its residential dementia homes or through HammondAtHome - is one way people could take up a great opportunity to give something back to the aged and frail in our society.

“I find that volunteers are happy, positive people. They enjoy helping others and it really does make them feel good about themselves.

“So not only does volunteering have a profound effect on the community but also on the volunteers themselves.”

‘I should be thanking you’

Barry tells of one volunteer who has made a difference in the life of others through volunteering with HammondAtHome.

Berry resident George Hammond has volunteered since November 2013, visiting older people in their homes, and recently when Shoalhaven Volunteer Leader Elizabeth Paterson thanked him for his commitment and dedication, he replied, “I should be thanking you for the chance to find myself.”

To start the new year with a “giving resolution” by serving older residents in your community – something Barry describes as a “win-win situation” – please contact him on 02 8788 3090 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.