Driven by Purpose runner-up in Australian Christian Book of the Year

Driven by Purpose: Charities that make the difference, co-authored by HammondCare Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd and published by HammondPress, has been named runner-up in the Australian Christian Book of the Year award for 2013.
The Australian Christian Literature Awards were announced at a presentation event in Melbourne tonight with Driven By Purpose finishing second behind Forged With Flames by Ann Fogarty and Anne Crawford (Wild Dingo Press). Third place went to Roland Ashby's A Faith to Live By.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Dr Megan Best of HammondCare's Greenwich Hospital was also shortlisted for the award.

Two of the authors, Stephen Judd and Anne Robinson, were at the presentation dinner to receive the second place award and said they were delighted Driven by Purpose was being acknowledged for its contribution to Christian writing and publishing in Australia.

"These awards acknowledge that Christian literature has an important role in our society and likewise one of the messages of Driven by Purpose is to challenge all charities, especially Christian charities, to be confident in their identity, clear in their articulation of mission, and communal and relational in their interactions with the communities they serve," Stephen Judd said.

Stephen and Anne thanked fellow author Felicity Errington and all those who had believed in and contributed to the book.

More about Driven By Purpose

Driven by Purpose: Charities that make the difference, written by Stephen Judd, Anne Robinson and Felicity Errington, has received national attention since being published in 2012 (reprinted 2013) as it addresses a crisis of identity impacting that threatens the vital role of charities - including faith-based organisations - in Australian society.

The book strongly challenges charities to "revive, renovate or re-engineer their who and their why" now and not only outlines through the use of research and case studies why this is important but gives extensive advice on how to do this well.

With a foreword by Tim Costello and endorsements from senior figures from the Australian charities sector, Driven by Purpose particularly argues for the important role of Christian or faith-based charities in society:

"When Christian charities articulate their role in society - in a relational and communal context - they create a space in which people can get involved, own the charity's mission and express their involvement as a key part of who they are as individuals.

"... as Christian charities continue to negotiate their relationship with Australian governments, it is critical that they retain a firm sense of their identity: who they are and why they exist. While the ‘faith factor’ and the dominance of religious charities in Australia has become the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, it need not be this way."

HammondPress is the publishing arm of HammondCare which continues the charity's long tradition of publishing that goes right back founder Canon RBS Hammond who published a weekly newspaper for many years, alongside other publications.

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