Dementia team wins Change Challenge award

The Meadows at HammondCare Hammondville has won the Voice Project’s Change Challenge Awards for 2013 (medium category), out of a possible 230 eligible teams and organisations. 

Team members led by Manager Amanda Gearside received their award recently at a presentation breakfast in Sydney and Head of People Services Jeff Wright was invited to address a Voice Project breakfast in Melbourne to further highlight the team’s success.

The Voice Project offers an a employee engagement survey utilised by hundreds of companies and organisations and the Change Challenge Awards recognise teams and organisations that have created measurable and meaningful change at work. Finalists are selected based on the positive changes achieved in their overall survey scores for Passion and Progress, as well as changes in scores for specific work practices.

Enlarging the concept of team

In declaring The Meadows the winner, an expert panel of judges made the following comments:

“Enlarging the perception of who is on their ‘team’ seems to have been key. It is encouraging to see a clear demonstration of the transformative influence that valuing teamwork, and the contribution of people in other teams, can have on a culture.”

“Used a new approach to gaining Customer Feedback which was well received by customers and feedback was dealt with and communicated.”

“Action planning was done collaboratively to provide staff with an opportunity to be heard and the real issues between team discussed in a constructive manner.”

“The Meadows played an important part in the change in culture, but alone these changes would not have been sufficient. A clear change program was developed and implemented.”

According to a Voice Project spokesperson, changes were designed around ‘empowering the team’ and underpinned their creation of a clear change program. The significant improvements in their 2013 survey highlighted the influence that valuing teamwork, and the contribution of people in other teams can have on a culture.

A passion to care

Jeff Wright congratulated The Meadows team and manager Amanda Gearside on winning the award which was driven by their passion to care for the vulnerable residents and a willingness to embrace positive change.

He said the Voice Project was excellent evidenced-based tool for organisations like HammondCare, not only for assisting employees in identifying concerns, but in giving them tools to do something about them.

HammondCare staff will again participate in The Voice Project employee feedback survey in mid 2015.