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ATSI DSA Family Mob Card
29 October 2021

Communication cards to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people stay connected as their verbal skills decline have won the Indigenous Communities category in the 2021 Future of Ageing Awards.

29 May 2018

From playing keytar in an 80s cover band to managing a residential facility, James Flood is proof that aged care is a great field for Millennials.

9 May 2018

This year’s Federal Budget has delivered a mixed bag for aged care, with new initiatives welcome but systematic changes still needed in home care, according to HammondCare chief executive Dr Stephen Judd.

20 March 2018

An innovative Christian resource is changing the way we think about spiritual well-being for people living with dementia.

5 March 2018

Quality in residential aged care must not be reduced to the elimination of risk or the absence of adverse incidents, according to HammondCare in its submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry. 

5 December 2017

An increase in people living with dementia has seen a spike in demand for carers with diverse language and cultural skills as people with dementia revert back to their birth or native tongue.