A job where every person matters

When care worker Tracey Jones retired from HammondCare At Home, she said the biggest challenge of her entire 20 year career was “saying goodbye to my clients".

Tracey Nat HammondCare care worker aged dementiaWhen care worker Tracey Jones retired recently from HammondCare At Home, she said the biggest challenge of her entire 20 year career was “saying goodbye to my clients - it’s been the hardest thing to do. There’ve been lots of tears, on both sides!”

Tracey’s manager, Nat DiNardo, is not surprised by this response.

“Tracey’s personal, relationship-based care approach to her clients reflects HammondCare’s Mission In Action. She treats each person as an individual and develops a deep connection while caring for them in their homes.

"Her focus was to enable choice for her clients to engage in life through activities they found satisfying, and from which they derived dignity and self-respect. She also gave them a sense of purpose, sharing tasks where appropriate, while also developing a sense of trust in this shared activity. This in turn enabled her clients to feel included and valued."

From being mentored to manager

Not only a great care worker, Tracey also excelled in the role of 'buddy mentor' – a key on-the-job training aspect of HammondCare At Home. In fact, Tracey mentored Nat, who eventually became her manager!

“Tracey not only showed me the ‘ins and outs’ of how to care for someone, but what it takes to work for HammondCare – to make a difference, be kind, listen, respect others and show empathy.”

Nat recalls a particular moment with a client who had lost her sight and had become confined to bed. “Tracey would stand at the window and describe what was happening in the garden. It brought a smile to Melody’s face.”

Grateful to share in people’s lives

After losing her first husband to cancer 22 years ago, Tracey went back to TAFE to complete her AIN Certificate. She realised while caring for him that she wanted to get involved in palliative care, to help people stay at home for as long as possible.

“It’s an honour to give them their last wish, to be there when they are passing, and to support their family. I love the mentoring too, teaching care staff to be flexible and adapt to the client and their needs. Some of my ‘buddies’ have gone on to other roles within the organisation, including Nat my manager.

“I’ve never looked at it as a job. Going to work always put a smile on my face. I’m so grateful to have shared in people’s lives, it’s a two-way street. I feel blessed.”

A job with real purpose

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