The value of nurses at HammondCare

To celebrate International Nurses Day 2017, we've created a series of videos showing our senior executives discussing the personal impact particular nurses have had on their career and life. 

Nurses, from the earliest days of HammondCare have played a vital role across all our services and in management. In this series you'll hear from HammondCare's Chief Executive, the Director of the Dementia Centre, three of HammondCare's General Managers and a Former Director of Nursing as they speak about nurses at the heart of our organisation.

Angela Raguz, General Manager - HammondCare Residential Care

Angela discusses how one of her mentors influenced her early career, as well as the many rewards of working in dementia care

Dr Stephen Judd, Chief Executive of HammondCare

CE Dr Stephen Judd speaks about the enormous impact of Rosemary Bond, HammondCare's Director of Nursing in the 1980s.

A/Prof Colm Cunningham, Director of the Dementia Centre

Colm discusses how his mother's nursing career and strong values influenced his career path and passion for dementia care and research.

Stewart James, General Manager - HammondCare Health & Hospitals

Stewart reminisces on his father's time as a palliative care patient at HammondCare Greenwich Hospital.

Rosemary Bond, Former Director of Nursing and HammondCare Board member

Rosemary speaks highly of a nurse who cared for her, whose compassion and empathy still resonate with her to this day.

David Martin, General Manager - HammondCare At Home

David discusses two nurses who helped his understanding of dementia and what makes HammondCare's approach different from other aged care providers.