Best practice design for dementia

HammondCare has a long history of designing innovative environments for older people with dementia. HammondCare Horsley is our 6th purpose built facility and is the culmination of 15 years of award winning design.

Making it a home

HammondCare Horsley is made up of six cottages, each home to 15 residents. The cottages have all the features of a domestic home, promoting a normal and homely environment.The cottages have a central living and dining room opening onto gardens, sunrooms and a private sitting room. 

Residents have private, large, light-filled single rooms with ensuite bathrooms and views onto gardens. Families are encouraged to assist residents in decorating their rooms with furniture and memorabilia to make their room familiar and homely. 

In each cottage there is a domestic kitchen where all meals are prepared by care staff. Meals are tailored to individual preferences. The kitchen is the hub of the home. 

Our residential homes are calm environments. Institutional features commonly found in residential aged care facilities are hidden so that residents aren’t disrupted by noisy and unfamiliar activities. 

The cottages are also designed for safety, however technology is used to ensure safety features are unobtrusive so that residents can truly feel that they are living in a home. 

Engaging in Life

At HammondCare, we believe that older people should have every opportunity to be involved in activities that they find satisfying, enjoyable and enhance self esteem. 

The domestic cottages give many opportunities for residents to engage in activities that they have always undertaken. Residents are encouraged to engage in the day to day rhythms of the home such as helping with preparation of meals, setting the table, working in the potting sheds in the garden or assisting a carer with hanging out the washing. 

Getting involved in activities helps to maintain independence and skills, while promoting a real sense of being at home. Leisure activities are also built into the day. 

Across HammondCare’s services we have music and art therapy programs, men’s shed programs, choirs, outings and celebration days. We welcome the involvement of friends and family in all of these! HammondCare Horsley has a central courtyard with barbeques and seating alcoves – we envisage that this will become a special place for residents and family to meet and for facility wide events.