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Art has been used as therapy for hundreds of years in clinical and other settings. However, how much does participation in the arts have a positive impact on people's health and well-being?

With heatwaves being experienced in parts of Australia and high temperatures expected this weekend, here are 5 top tips for minimising heat stress for older people.

Celebrating Christmas with family and friends can be one of life’s greatest joys. For a person living with dementia, though, it can be an overwhelming experience – sometimes resulting in tension and pressure for the whole family.

Watch: Professor Rod MacLeod and Professor Melanie Lovell discuss upcoming legislation permitting assisted suicide and euthanasia.

As part of the final blog post in our series on palliative care, we expel some of the myths and discuss ten things you should know about morphine and its use during end of life care.

If given a choice, most of us would want a “good death.” But what that means is all too often left up in the air until a crisis strikes or the sick person is no longer able to communicate his/her wishes.