The Palliative Care Handbook

The Palliative Care Handbook

NSW Minister for Health, Jillian Skinner, has launched the latest edition of The Palliative Care Handbook at Greenwich Hospital.

The book – which has sold strongly across the globe – is the work of HammondCare’s lead palliative care academic, Prof Rod MacLeod, and fellow authors Sandy Macleod and Jane Vella-Brincat.

For the first time, the eighth edition includes guidelines for palliative care and dementia, as well as addressing the role of nutrition and deprescribing in end-of-life care.

Although small in size – for ease of use by clinicians – the book’s impact is large and the latest edition will once again feature as a key training and support resource for the HammondCare Consortium’s Palliative Care Home Support Program (PCHSP) which runs across much of NSW.

The book will be made available free of charge through the program to participating doctors, nurses, health professional, care workers, people facing end-of-life and their carers. Further resources are available from palliativecarebridge.com.au.

The Palliative Care Handbook offers a thorough understanding of symptoms and treatments which emphasise the importance of a holistic approach to managing patients’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

The first section of the book provides an explanation of palliative care as well as guidelines for alleviation of the symptoms and challenges commonly encountered. The second section is a comprehensive listing of drug information including unlicensed uses and interactions.

Since its first publication in 1994, The Palliative Care Handbook has been consistently revised, developed and updated to be an essential and practical international resource enabling quality palliative care.

* For the first time The Palliative Care Handbook will be widely available through bookstores - ask your favourite bookseller.

About the authors

Rod MacLeod is a Professor in Palliative Care, University of Sydney and Senior Staff Specialist with HammondCare, Greenwich Hospital, Sydney.

Sandy Macleod is an Associate Professor, University of Canterbury NZ and Palliative Medicine Specialist, Christchurch Hospital.

Jane Vella-Brincat is a Clinical Pharmacist at Christchurch Hospital.

The Palliative Care Handbook (7th edition) continues to be available as an ebook from these outlets:


Media coverage

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Also available on Boomerang Books http://www.boomerangbooks.com.au/Palliative-Care-Handbook/Rod-MacLeod/book_9780987189288.htm

Product details

Softcover: 168 pages
Publisher: HammondCare Media (November 2015)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-09875828-7-4
Product Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 10 mm
Shipping Weight: 185 grams


'This handbook is not for the bookself but will be kept close at hand as an essential and trusted palliative care resource.' Director of the Dementia Centre, A/Prof Colm Cunningham

'Recently when my mother was facing her last days, I had trouble understanding the medications that were being recommended and symptoms that were of concern. I came across a copy of The Palliative Care Handbook and within minutes found a brief and easy to understand description of the things my mum was going through…' Andrew, family carer.


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