A matter of life and death

A matter of life and death

A matter of life and death: 60 voices share their wisdom, brings together contributors from different backgrounds including a Holocaust survivor and a death row inmate, to explore perspectives on death.

Author Rosalind Bradley has previously published two other books, is a voluntary biographer at a Sydney hospice and spoke at Palliative Care Week 2017 event at HammondCare's Neringah Hospital.

In A matter of life and death, each contributor offers commentary on a written or visual work that best expresses death to them creating a meaningful volume for the bereaved and those working in bereavement or spirituality.

A Holocaust survivor whose mother collapsed and died only moments after they both registered as survivors and a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer two days before her thirtieth birthday, among others, offer their perspectives on death and dying in this thought-provoking volume.

Contributors from all walks of life share their thoughts on carefully selected writings, images and artwork that most accurately express death to them. Describing their unique experiences, they reveal that, beyond the heartache and the mystery, death teaches us all invaluable lessons about how we live our lives.

Offering comfort, reassurance and varied insights into death, loss and its impact on life, this collection is for anyone who might be coming to terms with this inevitable destination. Royalty proceeds from the book will be donated to Ashgate Hospicecare, North Derbyshire, UK.


'As I have listened to these voices, I have found reassurance and enlightenment. I know this book will offer the same gifts to you...' Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

'Dying conjures many stories, many feelings, many fears. Rosalind Bradley brings together the thoughts of the eminent, the well-trained and also those who have personal experience with the dying. These stories explore the inspiring, the meaningful and sometimes troubled ideas that everyone will have about death.' Prof Richard Chye, University of Notre Dame.

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