Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia

Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia

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People with dementia have missed out substantially on physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia offers insights into the application of a well established approach and set of skills to a group of people who have traditionally been thought not to benefit from them.

This book demonstrates that rehabilitation has positive outcomes for people with dementia in terms of quality of life and self-esteem, especially if rehabilitation is seen as a positive philosophy of practice as well as a set of skills and approaches.

The perspectives in this book are those of a very diverse group of professionals, carers, and people with dementia themselves. Professional backgrounds and the settings in which they work are diverse and include both academics and practitioners. The voices of people with dementia underline the importance of seeing how they understand rehabilitation for themselves.

Professionals in almost all caring professions - nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, acute, geriatric and psychiatric medicine, psychology, social work and rehabilitation - will increasingly find themselves working with people with dementia. This book provides a readable course text for understanding both their own professional contribution and that of others in the team.


'Marshall, in her introduction, states that the aim of the book is to strengthen the link between rehabilitation and dementia and to encourage the understanding that people with dementia do benefit from rehabilitation and treatment. The book clearly meets this aim with the contributors offering convincing arguments for the conceptualisation of dementia care as rehabilitation and the potential for improvements in symptoms and in quality of life for people with dementia... The book is accessible, easy to read, informative and provides practical information and new ideas useful for practitioners, services providers, commissioners and policy makers.'

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