Night-time care: A practice guide

Night-time care: A practice guide

New look edition of Night-time care: A practice guide - now available at special launch price!

Caring for an older person or a person with dementia happens 24 hours a day, yet most strategies and advice are targeted for day time only.

Night time care and the people who provide care at night are often neglected. Night time care: A practice guide provides practical information and strategies to support the provision of effective night time care for people living in residential and hospital care, community respite as well as living in their own home.

Written by Diana Kerr and Colm Cunningham, internationally recognised experts in the field of dementia and night time care, this practice guide is accessible, practical and suitable for use by individual carers as well as educators and managers who can facilitate practice and attitudinal change.

Night-time care can be purchased as a stand alone resource, however it is recommended that you purchase Providing Good Night Time Care for Older People as the practice guide refers staff to excerpts in that book. An option can be to purchase a bundle of the two books and multiple copies of the practice guide.

To assist in purchasing Night-time care for use in a group training setting, the website will recalculate the price at $25 for five - nine copies, and $22 for 10 and above.

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Softcover: 168 pages
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WATCH: Diana Kerr explains why we need to learn more about night-time care.


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