Hierarchic Dementia Scale-Revised (HDS-R) Kit

Hierarchic Dementia Scale-Revised (HDS-R) Kit

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HammondCare Media is now the exclusive supplier in Australia and New Zealand of the Hierarchic Dementia Scale-Revised kit.

The Hierarchic Dementia Scale, originally developed by Dr Martin Cole and Dr Dolly Dastoor in the 1970s, has been revised and redeveloped by the WA Dementia Training Study Centre (WA DTSC) in collaboration with the original developers to contemporise all components of the HDS kit, including the user manual, test items and care-planning guide.

Highly indiviualised care

The Hierarchic Dementia Scale (HDS) is a reliable, validated assessment tool that assesses 20 different cognitive dimensions. The tool works to highlight the remaining abilities of people with dementia. It is time-efficient, can be used across the entire course of the disease - from the point of diagnosis right through to end-of-life care - and is particularly useful in creating highly individualised care-plans.

The HDS-R Kit consists of a manual, scoring sheet (20 copies supplied), pen/pencil and paper, as well as:

- Sets of objects: toothbrush, toothpaste, jar with lid, glasses, comb, scissors, spoon, button, paper clip, ring, key, counters (10);

- Set of cards for subscales: drawing, gnosia, following instructions and reading, two puzzle boards and tiles, a picture.

Also included in the kit is a manual titled The Possibility Orientated Approach which assists in using the results of the HDS to plan care.

The HDS-R Kit is an invaluable tool for staff working with people with dementia in any setting, particularly for occupational therapists and nurses. 

For more information about sale and supply of the HDS-R kit, contact hammondcaremedia@hammond.com.au.

For more information about the development and use of HDS-R, visit WA DTSC.

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