Younger Onset Dementia

Services for younger people living with dementia at HammondCare Horsley.

With over 23,900* Australians estimated to have a diagnosis of dementia under the age of 65, HammondCare recognises the importance of providing services that support their special needs.

HammondCare offers a residential and residential respite service specifically for younger people with dementia at HammondCare Horsley. Residential and residential respite places are usually offered in Streeton cottage, one of the six cottages on the Horsley site. Streeton cottage is specifically designed for people with dementia.

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Streeton Cottage

Streeton cottage operates on a unique model of care that supports the independence and autonomy of people with dementia. Residents are encouraged to remain connected to the wider community and participate in activity and routines that are meaningful to them. The design of the cottage, similar to a domestic home, provides a wealth of opportunities for residents to be involved in day to day activity such as assisting with meal preparation and working in the garden.

Family and friends are very welcome at HammondCare Horsley and we encourage them to visit at any time, join in with meals and go out with their relative or friend. Overnight family stays can also be accommodated.

Admission to the service is based on assessment by HammondCare’s Younger Onset Dementia Case Manager. Prior to admission, the prospective resident must have approval for permanent residential aged care or residential respite from an Aged Care Assessment Team. Prospective residents must have a diagnosis of dementia.

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* Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Dementia in Australia, 2012, p. 157.
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