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It's all about the food not the fork! is a beautifully designed book that continues the revolution in aged and dementia care food and was officially launched by Maggie Beer at the Sydney Hilton on June 17. It's now available through our website shops (see links on the right of the page) as well as via Amazon US and Amazon UK and many online and local booksellers. Watch as Maggie explains why she is such a big supporter of It's all about the food not the fork!

It's all about the food not the fork: launch

New cookbook gets an early airing at Tasting Australia

The fresh innovation of It's all about the food not the fork got an early introduction to foodies and people passionate about aged care when Peter Morgan-Jones presented his session (of the same name) at Tasting Australia in Adelaide. More details here.

The key idea behind this book is that many people with dementia are no longer comfortable with cutlery or with eating larger meals. Some have swallowing difficulties and others like to be on the move. Foods eaten by hand, more often across the day and yet packed with energy and nutrition are ways of promoting a good diet and dignity in eating.

As well, for the first time, some of the finger foods in the book are for people on a pureed diet - a vital breakthrough!

Where it all began - the story behind our first cookbook

Don’t give me eggs that bounce: 118 cracking recipes for people with Alzheimer’s is the bestselling cookbook that helped begin widespread change approaches to food in aged and dementia care

Published by HammondCare Media (2014), this beautiful cookbook celebrates the dignity of older people, people with dementia and those with eating difficulties by offering nutritious, delicious food across a range of dietary needs. 

All of the recipes are carefully analysed and tested and are clinically appropriate. Easy to read chapters provide advice on nutrition for older people, successful mealtimes for people with dementia, understanding swallowing difficulties and how to prepare and present appetising and nutritious meals, including texture-modified food and drinks.

The delicious recipes cover all the main meals of the day, as well as dessert, beverages and mid meals which are especially important for older people and those living with dementia who often cannot eat a larger meal.

Share your cooking experience

The cookbooks are just the beginning - the authors would love to share your experiences of cooking recipes from Don't give me eggs that bounce and now, It's all about the food not the fork! We would also love to hear your own tips and experiences as a carer, person with dementia or person with an eating difficulty.

Check out our Share your experiences page and send photos, tips, ideas and feedback to crackingrecipes@hammond.com.au or share on our Facebook page.

News and updates

Don't give me eggs that bounce and now It's all about the food not the fork! have received enormous media coverage across the nation and beyond. Check out some the media coverage and other news on our News and updates page.

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