Colours of yesterday specially designed for older people but suitable for all

A new adult colouring book specifically designed for older people will support them to join millions worldwide who have discovered the joy and wellbeing that comes from colouring and mindfulness books.

Colours of yesterday: A creative colouring book for older people features drawings that are more accessible for older hands and eyes, with themes lovingly depicting the way things were.

Inspiring young Australian artist, Annette Innis, has used her skills as a portrait artist and her experience teaching participatory art classes for older people and refugees (Arts on Prescription) to create Colours of yesterday.

Colours of yesterday is strongly influenced by my lifelong love of hearing stories set in the ‘good old days’,” Annette said.

“Art can be relaxing, challenging and fulfilling, and when mixed with personal sharing and a healthy sprinkle of nostalgia, the results are absolute magic!”

Alongside Annette’s 30 original drawings are real-life stories, which further bring to life the warm familiarity of the past while opening a door of connection and learning for younger family and friends.

Colours of Yesterday is available from HammondCare Media now.

Drawing on expertise from the Centre of Positive Ageing in western Sydney and experience from the ground-breaking Arts on Prescription program, Colours of yesterday is an important new resource and possibly an Australian-first.

Professor Chris Poulos, Director of the Centre for Positive Ageing, said, “There’s growing evidence that shows how involvement in the creative arts can lead to an improved sense of wellbeing in those who participate.

“Through Arts on Prescription we’ve seen how talented our participants are and witnessed firsthand some of the benefits they have gained by being creative. We hope to extend this experience through Colours of yesterday.”

The book will be officially launched in Sydney on November 29 and in western Sydney on December 12. The launches include live interactive art with Annette Innis, and some of those who contributed stories to the book will be present.

Colours of yesterday is published by HammondCare Media, a leading health and aged care not-for-profit publisher, and it will be available in bookstores from December 1.

Proceeds from the book will support ongoing positive ageing projects including Arts on Prescription.

For more information about Colours of yesterday, Annette Innis, Arts on Prescription and positive ageing and to arrange for review copies and interviews, please contact HammondCare Media.

About the Author

Annette Innis

Annette Innis is a Sydney based artist who specialises in portrait painting, becoming a semi finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2015. She has been involved as an artist and project officer on HammondCare’s Arts on Prescription Program since 2015 and has run creative ageing programs in Hammondville, Wahroonga and The Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre, as well as teaching community life drawing classes. Annette is passionate about the role of the participatory arts In health and wellbeing.

Artist Annette Innis working as part of HammondCare's Arts on Prescription program.

Book details

Title: Colours of yesterday: A creative colouring book for older people

Format: Paperback, 68 pages, 25cm x 25cm

Publisher: HammondCare Media, Sydney

Available: December 1, 2017

RRP: $19.99

ISBN: 978-0-9875828-8-1

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