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Gloria on the road to recovery

Gloria lives with her brother Jim in an independent living unit in Hammondville. Ever since being in a car accident with Jim, Gloria’s not been feeling like herself.

Gloria outside her home in Hammondville

Used to being active and able to get things done around the house, she’s found muscle weakness is slowing her down.

“As soon as I stand up, I’ve got to sit down again,” says Gloria. “Even just to make a cup of tea, I can make the tea and then I’ve got to rest.”

To assist them with daily life, Jim and Gloria have a HammondAtHome care package. As part of the service, they receive help with ironing and cleaning, and careworkers take them out shopping and to appointments.

“We’ve never had to have anybody do anything for us before. But it’s just got to that stage where we can’t manage by ourselves,” says Gloria.

“Once I get my back right I’ll be able to do things myself. I’m just not used to relying on others.”

Recently, Gloria’s case manager recommended she might benefit from the I Can Do That Program, a restorative care program offered through the Centre for Positive Ageing as apart of her HammondAtHome package.

Restorative care is about getting you back to a state where you can do something that you can’t do any longer. It’s also about preventative care and providing you with opportunities to engage in new activities.

Through the I Can Do That Program, a qualified health practitioner works alongside you to develop goals aimed at re-enabling you to do something you’ve lost the ability to do, like walking to the shops, or preparing a meal.

Since starting I Can Do That Gloria has been assessed by an exercise physiologist and they’ve set specific goals so that she can work towards regaining strength. One of them is to go in a swimming pool for the first time in decades.

Gloria doing her exercise program at home

As part of the program Gloria’s been doing gentle exercises each day at home, has had the opportunity to do some hydrotherapy and has weekly appointments with Nat the exercise physiologist in her home. Nat also calls her on the phone every now and then to check-in on her.

When we first met Gloria she was only two weeks into the I Can Do That Program, but could see it would help her get back to where she wanted to be.

We checked back in with her half way through her program and found she’s built up enough endurance and strength to do the ironing, washing and cleaning again without help. She and Jim have also been taking themselves to enjoy the hydrotherapy pool in Hammondville once a week, and with Jim’s encouragement, Gloria is making progress with her daily exercises.

Nat, the exercise physiologist says Gloria has made great progress and is on track to regaining her strength and endurance.

“It might not seem like much, but for Gloria to be able to do some household chores again is a huge thing. It’s been great to see her being more strong and independent.”

If you’re interested in a restorative care package, contact Barbara Woolsey at the Centre for Positive Ageing: P 8788 3900

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