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HammondCare Woy Woy is a dementia care home consisting of six small cottages. Each cottage is home to 14 residents.

To contact HammondCare Woy Woy, please call 1800 776 112 between 9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays. To reach Woy Woy urgently after hours or on weekends, please call 02 4379 9000.

Residential Aged Care

Built for independence and familiarity

We believe that the best place for people with dementia to be is home. When this is no longer possible, then our commitment is to provide an environment that looks, feels and operates like a home.

Research shows people living with dementia are most comfortable in small, familiar environments. Our cottages are designed to feel as little like an institution as possible, and give residents an opportunity to engage with the rhythms and routines of normal home life.

Residents are encouraged to live and operate in the cottage as they would in a home: the resident is free to spend time in any of the common areas, and the buildings are designed so each choice is a ‘right’ one. This means there are no dead-ends and any locked doors are unobtrusive. There are many visual ‘cues’ about where one is, and where one is heading. To minimise confusion, the central kitchen and living areas are always visible from corridors or other spaces.

HammondCare Woy Woy has been designed using internationally recognised principles to promote choice, minimise confusion and maximise independence for people living with dementia. You can read more about our principles of dementia design here.

The cottages

Although they are small and familiar, the six cottages within HammondCare Woy Woy have a variety of common spaces, allowing residents to choose where and with whom they spend their time.

The various common areas of the cottages include the following common spaces:

  • A fully functioning domestic kitchen
  • An open plan dinning and lounge area
  • A sitting room with TV and fire place
  • A parlour
  • Sunrooms
  • A backyard and garden
  • A main bathroom, with bath

Each cottage is centred around a domestic kitchen and open plan living and dining area. This familiar, open space enables residents to take part in everyday kitchen and household activities.

Off these main common areas is a unisex toilet for general use. The bathroom door has a picture of a toilet, rather than the standard ‘stick-figure’ toilet signs, as these can be confusing for people with dementia.

The large sitting room is separate to the lounge and dining area, and has a variety of lounge chairs, a TV and a gas fire place.

Sun rooms contain lounge chairs and small tables, providing a common space that also allows a degree of privacy. The sunrooms are located at the ends of each cottage, often with views to the garden, and have good natural light.

Sun rooms and parlours are often used by residents to sit and read, or meet with family members for morning tea.

Back yards contain barbecues, small pergolas, benches and tables, raised garden beds and washing lines. They are used extensively for activities with residents, and family visits.

All back yards are secure, and garden paths link the outdoors with the indoors, minimising confusion for residents. The gardens are kept in very good condition. One cottage has an aviary.

Rooms and accommodation

The bedrooms and bathrooms in the HammondCare Woy Woy cottages have been designed to minimise confusion and maximise independence and comfort for residents.

For example, memory boxes filled with personal effects and photos are located at the entrance to residents’ bedrooms to help them identify their private space. Within the room, residents have a direct line of site from their bed to the toilet, promoting independence.

All residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture with them to personalise their bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms at HammondCare Woy Woy has a built-in wardrobe and a window.

All the bedrooms in HammondCare Woy Woy have an ongoing maintenance program to ensure that they are in the best possible condition for residents. The carpet and light fittings are in good condition. All the rooms are fully private, with a lockable door.

HammondCare Woy Woy for couples

HammondCare Woy Woy has single bedrooms, but provisions can be made for couples. For example, couples can be placed in adjacent rooms, with one room set up as the couple’s bedroom and the other serving as a lounge room. Couples with differing care needs can also be placed in different cottages on the same site.


All the bedrooms at HammondCare Woy Woy have a large, private ensuite bathroom with ample room for equipment and aides as required. The ensuite bathrooms are in excellent condition and are equipped with an easy-access toilet, a basin and vanity unit with secure, lockable cupboards and an accessible shower unit.

HammondCare Woy Woy’s bedrooms with a private ensuite are approximately 16m2.

Excellence in food and nutrition

HammondCare is committed to an excellent food culture. All food is prepared by staff in our domestic kitchens, with the help of residents.

Food preparation and planning is overseen by our Executive Chef and nutritionists, who ensure all the residents’ nutritional needs and tastes are catered to, and that varied, fresh and delicious food is available every day.

The model of having a domestic kitchen at the very centre of our cottages strongly influences the food culture at HammondCare Woy Woy. The meals are, by definition, home-cooked and fresh – prepared and cooked with residents, in their home. In this matter, like in many others, we strive to make HammondCare Woy Woy feel as much like a home as possible.

Dementia design features

HammondCare Woy Woy has been built in line with best practice in dementia design, to enhance residents' sense of autonomy and dignity. Some of Woy Woy’s dementia design features include:

  • Memory boards with photos are located at the entrance to residents’ bedrooms to help them identify their private space.
  • Residents have a direct line of site from their bed to the toilet, promoting independence.
  • Direct line of sight from threshold of bedrooms to sunrooms, living rooms and kitchen, to help assist decision making and prompt way-finding.
  • Colour-coded hot (red) and cold (blue) taps for safety.
  • Toilet seats that contrast in colour to the bowl to promote independent toileting.
  • Some lounge chairs have seat cushions and back rests with contrasting colours to provide visual cues to residents with dementia and poor eyesight.
  • Back of house functions – deliveries and linen trolleys – separated from the cottage environment.

Fixtures and maintenance

HammondCare Woy Woy is all single-story and has no stairs. There are nurse call outlets located at important points throughout the buildings and there is centralised heating and air conditions throughout all the buildings.

The common areas were fully repainted in 2013, and brand new carpet was installed in 2013 throughout some of the building. The skylights were also upgraded in 2013.

HammondCare Woy Woy was built in 2004.


HammondCare Woy Woy is located at 286 Railway Street, Woy Woy NSW, 2256 in the Gosford Local Government Area. It is conveniently situated near several public services, attractions and health facilities.

Nearby attractions include Woy Woy shopping plazas and parks (2.5km), Woy Woy Hospital (1.8km), and Brisbane Waters Private Hospital (2km). There is a bus stop at the front door, and nearby public transport at Woy Woy train station (2.5km) and the Woy Woy ferry stop (2.5km).

The facility also has on-site parking for 15 visitors.

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