HammondCare Caulfield offers three care homes, each providing different types and levels of care: Caulfield Home (Glen Huntly and Glen Eira), Montgomery and Namarra. HammondCare Caulfield provides residential care for 129 places.

To contact HammondCare Caulfield, please call 1800 776 112 between 9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays. To reach Caulfield urgently after hours or on weekends, please call 03 8506 4000.

Residential Aged Care

HammondCare Caulfield key features

Our staff are trained in the HammondCare philosophy of respecting, supporting and promoting the independence of older people, including specialised dementia care. We have a Registered Nurse available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our care homes are overseen by a highly competent and experienced management team, with our Namarra home providing specialised dementia care. We do this to ensure residents receive individualised and specialised care.

Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture, soft furnishings and mementos to make their rooms familiar and comfortable. Residents are encouraged to take part in domestic and recreational activities that foster their self-worth and dignity, and are reflective of their earlier life. These activities are seen as opportunities to engage in normal life. We also offer a range of Pastoral Care services including weekly Shabbat and traditional Catholic services.

HammondCare Caulfield is located next to Caulfield Hospital, a café and kiosk is available in the adjacent hospital facilities.


HammondCare Caulfield Home

HammondCare Caulfield Home provides frail aged and complex care. Comprising of two levels, Glen Eira (ground floor) and Glen Huntly (first floor), there are 69 beds; 15 single rooms with private ensuites, 36 single rooms with shared ensuites and 9 double/companion rooms. Each single room is approximately 20 sq. meters and double/companion rooms are approximately 40 sq. meters. Residents have access to a number of common areas, allowing residents to choose where and with whom they spend their time.

Residents in Caulfield Home have access to the following common spaces:

  • Library with regular and large print books available to borrow and comfortable lounge chairs for reading
  • Light filled open plan living/dining room, with small dining tables and chairs for comfortable group dining
  • A number of courtyard gardens with chairs for residents to sit and enjoy the sun, including a productive garden run in conjunction with local school and community groups
  • Large shaded outdoor balcony courtyard with raised potted gardens, benches and tables
  • Physiotherapy room/Gym
  • TV areas with a large TV, comfortable chairs and side tables
  • Studio space for activities such as art classes, music therapy, fresh-food cooking and other life engagement activities
  • Pianos are available for residents to play if they wish

Residents also have access to a hairdressing salon. A visitor’ room is available with table and chairs, and a kitchenette that is fitted out with a fridge, toaster and microwave.


Montgomery is a care home with 30 single rooms with shared ensuites. Each room is approximately 16.5 sq. meters. Specialised care is provided for residents who have a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive impairment.

There are a range of common areas, such as:

  • Light filled dining and lounge areas with small dining tables and chairs for comfortable group dining. Areas can be opened up into an events or function space for occasions
  • Secure outdoor gardens at both the front and back of the home

A central courtyard containing outdoor garden, chairs and a barbeque are used extensively for activities with residents, family or friend visits and staff. The backyard has a secure garden where residents’ family, friends and staff can sit for socialisation and recreational activities. A visitors’ lounge is available with comfortable couches and tables.


Namarra provides a special care program for residents with behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia and related organic brain illnesses. Namarra is a 30 bed purpose-built care home. Each room is approximately 12 sq. meters.

There are a range of common areas, such as:

  • Spacious dining area for both group and independent dining
  • Lounge areas with tables, chairs and window seats
  • Activities room for activities such as art classes and music therapy. The room can also be used as an events and function space for occasions
  • Breakout areas that allow residents to sit and have a degree of privacy
  • Access to secure outdoor spaces with gardens and clear pathways where residents can walk outside

There are three outdoor courtyard areas with a barbeque stand, outdoor chairs and tables, which are used for activities with residents, family or friend visits and staff. A visitors’ lounge is available with comfortable couches and tables.

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