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Every person deserves to die well. You can help ensure this through the power of music.

Let's bring comfort to people in their final days through the power and promise of music

Dying can be a frightening and lonely experience, and right now there’s a vital piece missing in palliative care – a deep and personal need that cannot be met by medicine alone.

Even though we can take away the pain and provide some comfort to patients at the end of life, sometimes we cannot help them find the tranquillity and spiritual comfort they need to die well.

We believe that every person deserves to die well. This means having the opportunity to connect with their faith, their memories, and their loved ones.

Music engagement is an innovative program that uses music to reduce anxiety, create simple moments of joy, and help people reconnect with their families in those precious last few days.

Music can reconnect people with their memories, bring feelings of comfort and peace, and stimulate the brain, even when cognition declines. We've also found that playing their favourite music can help people in many other ways:

  • Providing a powerful diversion from the symptoms of illness, reducing fear and pain.
  • Creating a safe and tranquil environment, drowning out hospital noises which may cause anxiety.
  • Giving them a way to reconnect with their loved ones, helping them laugh, joke and share stories through music.
  • Bringing them spiritual and emotional comfort, allowing them to rest and reflect at the end of life.

To read more about our music engagement program and watch a short video showing the beautiful impact our music engagement project has had on people living with dementia click here.

To launch a one-year pilot of our music engagement program, we urgently need to raise $185,000 to pay for equipment, music content and training. Please make a kind donation today to help fill this crucial gap in palliative care and bring joy, comfort and peace to families in their final days together.