In the final moments,
time together is so precious

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I can’t get him back, but I did spend every hour with him before he passed, says Edwina.

After her husband, Ian was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma, Edwina and their two sons were determined to stay with him, to make sure he wasn’t alone during his final days but unfortunately there was a lack of comfortable options for them to sleep on.

‘You need to be right there, for when they take their last breaths. A staff member could call someone in a motel and they wouldn’t get there in time.”

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Take a moment to think about not being with your family this Christmas and how hard that would be. Now imagine not being with your family and being in a hospital knowing that this could be your final Christmas. The funds raised from this appeal, will provide sofa beds and recliner chairs in our hospitals that will enable families to stay together.

We are also fundraising for our range of holistic care services. Thanks to your donations, therapies such as art therapy, relaxation therapy, massage and music therapy bring a great deal of comfort to patients in the last days of their life – especially to those who feel alone or don’t receive many visitors, which can be even harder at Christmas.

Yes, I will donate today to ensure all patients have love and support around them this Christmas.

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As a Christian charity we believe that we should provide care for those in need, including those who cannot afford it, and when there is insufficient government funding. Unfortunately for many older Australians, the cost of health and aged care services are simply out of reach.

HammondCare Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to address this.