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Tanya Munroe

Tanya: HammondCare At Home

Change has been a constant in Tanya's life. Originally from St. Petersburg, Tanya spent her childhood in Harbin, a Russian outpost in northern China. She lost her father when she was seven years old.

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John and Leah Easter

John and Leah: Palliative Care

There were few things John enjoyed more than passing the time at the local bowling club with his mates. John spent most of his afternoons there even though his own playing days were over.

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Joe Dalmonte

Joe: Residential Care

Each day seemed a fight for survival for Joe, to the point where he would rummage through other residents’ belongings looking for food to save for later. But as the team came to know Joe’s story, they learned to understand his behaviour, as well as how to best care for him.

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Daniela: Rehabilitation

It was a bright Sunday afternoon, Daniela was with her daughter Michelle and her husband, enjoying a meal round the table at home with some of their closest friends.

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