The Centre for Public Christianity

The Centre for Public Christianity (CPX) is a not-for-profit media organization that offers a Christian perspective on contemporary life by engaging mainstream media and the general public with well-researched material about the relevance of Christianity in the 21st Century. 

Established in 2007, the Centre for Public Christianity: 

  • Seeks to be a benchmark for Christian thinking and communication in Australia and beyond 
  • Offers free vodcast/podcast comment, interviews, and other web-based resources 
  • Produces a range of popular and academic works exploring the relevance of the Christian faith 
  • Is a one stop shop for media outlets in search of informed and independent Christian comment 
  • Runs events and short courses for the curious and skeptical alike 
  • Supports a network of Christian scholars and research projects across a range of disciplines 
  • Serves as a speakers bureau and training facility for Christian thinkers and communicators 

The Centre has no denominational affiliation and seeks to represent historic Christianity as defined by the Nicene Creed.

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