Career Opportunities at HammondCare


Our medical staff are generally located within our sub-acute hospitals and work across the 3 disciplines of Rehabilitation, Palliative Care and Older Person's Mental Health. As well as our Medical Directors, we employ Staff Specialists and offer rotating Registrar placements as well.

Registered Nurses

HammondCare offers Registered Nurse positions across all of our services, including sub-acute hospitals where we have rehabilitation, palliative care and specialist mental health wards, residential care (including dementia-specific facilities) and at home or community services. RNs are offered excellent training opportunities and are often supported to further their qualifications through relevant post-graduate study.

Allied Health

HammondCare employs a wide range of Allied Health staff across the business. These staff provide essential services to our residents and patients, and work closely within friendly multi-disciplinary teams.

Care Work

HammondCare offers care work positions across all of our services, including sub-acute hospitals, residential care and at home or community services. HammondCare offers excellent and very comprehensive training, and so applicants do not need to have any qualifications in care work in order to apply. Simply, we want applicants who enjoy and value older people and demonstrate this in their behaviour and attitude.


HammondCare has an exceptional research team which provides advice to the business on best-practice management strategies as well as keeping all staff informed on the most up-to-date dementia research from home and around the world.

Corporate Opportunities

Like any large organisation, HammondCare has opportunities from time to time in our Finance department , People Services (HR), Learning and Development, ICT, Property and Capital Works, Marketing and Communications, and Administrative roles across the organisation.

Graduate Opportunities

HammondCare offers a 12 month rotational graduate program for newly qualified Registered Nurses. For more information click here.

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Learning and Development

We have our own L&D team which provides a huge range of courses including Development Days, Theme Days, Frontline manager training, and nationally recognised training such as Certificate 3 qualifications.

Career Pathways

HammondCare enjoys offering staff the opportunity to develop their careers within the organisation. We have numerous examples of staff undertaking lateral and/or promotional moves and the opportunities really are endless within our growing organisation.


If you are searching for a role where you can blend your professional expertise and passion for what you do best with knowing that you are making a difference – albeit directly or indirectly – to the lives of people in need, then look no further than HammondCare, and apply today!